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Most guitar shops will ship out their repair work to other locations to have them done else where. We like to keep everything in house with our 2 fantastic certified luthiers, Steve Mcvicker and Scott Weis. 

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Guitar Work

We do it all!

Setups, restrings, neck adjustments, nut replacements, fret work, re-frets, paint jobs, the whole nine, we got you covered. Drop your guitar off at the shop and we’ll have it back to you ASAP!

Amp Work

Amp Repairs

Steve is a clinically trained engineer who went to John St. Hopkins college and has over 50 years in the business of repair work. He specializes in anything tube amps, and has fixed thousands of amps over the years.

What we do for you

Full Setup

We start by inspecting the whole guitar, then we remove the strings. Do any bridge or trussrod adjustments if needed. Clean the entirety of the guitar from top to bottom. Dress all the frets with 320, 400, 600, and 800 sand paper, clean and condition the fretboard. Check the electronics to make sure everything works correctly, clean pots and switches. Restring the guitar and set the action to make playability better. Check the intonation and polish up the guitar.

Get your guitar checked out now!

Bring it by the shop and we’ll gladly fix or make your guitar play 10x better!

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