World renowned guitar player and Trans Siberian Orchestra’s Lead Guitarist / Music Director. Al is best known for his work with Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Megadeth, Alice Cooper and Savatage.

Al Pitrelli

Al got his introduction to the big stage through Alice Cooper in 1989. When he joined the band as the guitarist and musical director til 1991. When he joined Savatage in 1995 with Chris Caffery. Playing guitar on the albums Dead Winter Dead and The Wake of Magellan

Al on tour with Alice in 1990

Al joined Megadeth from 2000-2002, replacing Marty Friedman.  Al only joined the band after an “audition” in front of a live crowd in Vancouver on January 16, 2000, 2 nights after Marty played his last show with the band, he was asked to play when it was 15 minutes before the show and was shocked as they never rehearsed

Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Al is now the musical director and lead guitarist for Trans Siberian Orchestra. Which holds one of the biggest tours in all of the world. Al was approached by the founder Paul O’Neill in 1995 when he asked him to join. Ever since then Al has been the face of TSO, performing in front of hundreds of thousands of people all across America.


When Al’s not touring he’s here at the shop teaching the next generations rockstars. Take your playing to the next level with one of the best rockers to ever do it!!

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